The Thing That Happened


Since beginning his career in 1997 by directing a project for MTV, Andrew Walton has avidly pursued a humanistic style of storytelling using evocative portraiture and striking realism that captures his subjects with engaging honesty. By becoming deeply invested in the personal details of his subject's lives he is able to find profound meaning in otherwise ordinary events. In his first documentary feature, "Arctic Son", an estranged father and son reunite in a remote First Nation's community in the Arctic. The film premiered on the PBS network's award-winning P.O.V. series in August 2007.




Stephen Jess has been editing documentaries for the past 12 years. He most recently cut “Run to the East” in which Three Native American high school seniors run to earn college scholarships and overcome the economic and educational obstacles present on their reservations. He also edited the Scott Hicks-directed PBS series about composer Philip Glass entitled, “Glass: A Portrait of Phillip in Twelve Parts.”




Jeff Stonehouse has been a cinematographer for 27 years. He has won the National Press Photographers Award, two Cine Golden Eagles and has contributed cinematography on numerous National Emmy-winning documentaries for National networks, the Academy Award nominated film “Americas Wetlands” and Barbara Kopple’s documentary film about the Dixie Chicks, “Shut Up and Sing.”


Michael Rohatyn has composed numerous scores for film and television, including, “The Ballad of Jack and Rose” (Rebecca Miller)  and “Arctic Son” (Andrew Walton).   He wrote the screenplay for “Forty Shades of Blue” (Ira Sachs), winner of the feature film Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, 2005.



Adam Horovitz has been a member of the musical group Beastie Boys for over 25 years and has received all types of accolades, trophies, awards, and special celebratory placards and medallions. Including, but not exclusive to, MTV and Grammy awards for different stuff and things, as well as receiving the Brass Monkey award and the highly coveted Blacksheer award for excellence.